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Night Vision Monocular, Blue-Infrared Illuminator Allows Viewing in The Dark - Records Images and Video

Night Vision Monocular, Blue-Infrared Illuminator Allows Viewing in The Dark - Records Images and Video

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1. Low light sensitivity: Even without its IR illuminator on, the night vision can deliver a usable image in very dim conditions. Unlike some other so-called bluffing night visions, this is a real night vision monocular. 
2. Video and image function: With this device, you can take photos and videos at any time, record more true-to-life details. (1G micro-SD card inside). 
3.integrated color LCD-Screen : From the screen inside the monocular, you can see the images and videos clearly. 
4. AV and USB function: It's easy to display image and videoson the television and transfer files to a computer, which enables you to share fun with your family and friends. 
5. Illumination Flexibility: You can vary the amount of IR illumination by 7 levels and obtain a proper brightness of the image. 
6. Zoom control: You can vary the size of the image by 1X, 1.3X, 1.6X, 2X. 
7. Handy and safe :It can be mounted on a tripod, put into a cloth bag, or linked to a binocular harness. And it is covered by rubber on the outface, which gains more friction, not easy to slip out. 
8. Compact Size:LWH:5.8in x 4in x 1.85in. Net Weight:11.5oz. 

How to change the batteries?
1. Push the button to the top.
2. Push the cover for the batteries with the forced direction shown in the picture.
3. It is easier to open it if you place a cloth(include the cloth in our package). It gains more fnction.
4. Set 4 pieces of AA baterries in.

Main Specifications: 
Sensitivity of sensor: 6.8V/ Lux.sec 
Image and Video resolution: 640*480 
Screen resolution: 320*240 
Field of view: 14°field of view. 
Detection distance: 300 m (vehicle) / 100 m (man) 
Storage of picture and movie: To  suport 1GB~32GB SD card 
Working life of battery:5 hours 
Power supply:AA battery X 4 (not included)


 6.02 inches * 5.00 inches * 5.00 inches
 1.08 pounds

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